Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love, Annaleigh

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I am excited to announce that for the month of August I am working with Love, Annaleigh. Love, Annaleigh is an organization that offers support to the children and families in the St. Peter’s NICU and PICU through the donation of items such as blankets, hats, toys, art supplies, etc. as a means of easing the stress of their hospital stay. What makes Love, Annaleigh so special is that it honors an amazing little girl, Annaleigh, who passed away in the St. Peter’s NICU on August 22, 2009.
This month I will be donating a portion of my proceeds directly to Love, Annaleigh. In addition to the donation for each order I receive I will donate a crocheted hat for the preemies in the NICU.
Go ahead and check out Love, Annaleigh at and “like” them on FB. 
Annaleigh was one of three - you can learn more about her family; Brooke, Joe, and the other two triplets, Charlie and Lilly at Brooke's personal blog, Three Cheers for Babies.
I have decided to include that last 3 days of July in this month so I am already able to donate 5 hats for the preemies at St. Peter's.  My children were in our local NICU and I know how important something so small as a hat can be  - so I thank you for all of your support!